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The Ghandarva Ceremony: Sacred Sounds Concert
The Ghandarva Ceremony of Peace is a beautiful affirmation of the unity of all spiritual traditions and an experience of the celestial realms of being yielding an expansive energy field, approximately 35-60 miles in all directions, which produces tremendous healing for the earth around us!

In this ceremony, Paul Hubbert chants the names of the Archangels, mystics, saints and masters of the world’s religions. As the Beings energetically enter the room in response to the calling of their names, participants experience their presence directly.


Paul also leads the group in Harmonic Choir giving those present the opportunity to unconditionally express love and gratitude to the Celestial Ones and sing praise to God in all Its aspects.


The intention of the Ghandarva Ceremony of Peace is to honor all religious and spiritual

traditions because the fundamental underlying thread of Truth is one in the same. Add-

itionally, its purpose is to bring about the healing of world religions, as religion seems to

play an integral role in the wars we’ve seen and continue to see in our world. In this power-

fully poignant ceremony, Unity is symbolized by lighting one main candle representing

Oneness as it burns away all illusions of anything other than Oneness.


The Ghandarva Ceremony of Peace is based on the Vedas, an ancient text found in India

written by sages and intuitive seers who eloquently described different inner realms of

consciousness. One of the realms depicted was the Ghandarvic realm, in which there exists

a group of musicians called Ghandarvas whose sole purpose is to sing and play music to

God the Divine in all its aspects. A realm of this nature appears in many world wisdom

traditions throughout the world. In the Christian tradition, it’s called the Angelic Hosts as

they are always singing praise to God. By toning and chanting the mantras and chants of

the Divine, with the pure emotion of unconditional love and gratitude, we attempt to lift or

elevate ourselves to the Ghandarvic realm and become as Ghandarvas, singing praise to

God in all Its aspects.

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