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All bowls are Pure Tone, Pure Note  (a $30 Value INCLUDED in the listed price).

Bowls available in each Chakra Note - Chakra Note (F) Heart is an additional $15 added to listed price:  (C) Root | (D) Sacral | (E) Solar Plexus | (F) Heart + $15 additional | (G) Throat | (A) 3rd Eye | (B) Crown 

Bowl sizes: 6" to 14" ... Larger Sizes are available upon request, please contact us.
  • For local pickup use promo code: PICKUP to waive shipping fee.
  • Shipping & Handling prices are for the continental US only.  
  • For outside continental US please contact us.

  Products > Crystal Bowls

   Original Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls 

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