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""I have participated in many retreats with Zach and Jess, and will start off by saying they deeply embody and practice the virtues of Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Trust. Zach and Jess walk their talk and I am deeply blessed to have the many experiences of the Medicine with/through them. The sacred space that is created and held during, before and after ceremony is exquisite. The icaros that they sing are powerful and very healing. The food that I've had on retreat is clean, nutritious, and very nourishing. No matter what plays out in the ceremony setting, each of us is held deeply through the experience, without any judgement. The LOVE, compassion and wisdom that pours in through the individual blessings at the end of the ceremony help expand and intensify the deepening of the Medicine like nothing else. Trust in the sacred space, trust in the facilitators, trust in the experience, trust in every member of the group is what allows me to go deeper every time. I highly recommend Zach and Jess (LFA) to anyone looking to experience the Medicine and/or go deep with their practice. Their individual and collective offering and sacrifice to be clean, purified vessels for the Medicine, for the Divine, for Humanity and all Beings is very humbling and an endless blessing to all on the Path."  -Binnnie, USA" - Patti Bell, 


Profound and Inspiring"

I have attended 1 retreat with La Familia Ayahuasca and my experience was profound and inspiring. Zach and Jess went above and beyond the entire weekend to help me connect with myself and the medicine. Though there was a group of us in attendance, I didn't feel 'lost in the crowd.' I felt personally cared for and supported throughout the experience. They both have so much wisdom and love to offer. I highly recommend them to my friends and family who are seeking this type of spiritual retreat. - Andrea P., USA



I can't say enough about Jess and Zach. Their knowledge of working with this medicine is excellent. I've sat with a number of other groups over the last 11 years but the balance they bring with combining the masculine and feminine is truly unique. They provide a safe and healthy container for anyone's journey. Highly recommended....oh yea Jess has the voice of an angel. - Paul and Heather C., USA

 Transformational Journeys & Retreats



Holographic Sound Healing Certification

and The Sound of Source Ceremonial Retreat



8 Days/7 Night

3 Ceremonies

1 Mayan Fire Ceremony

Holographic Sound Healing Certification Levels I & II

Learn and Experience Teachings from the Angelic Realms on 

Lake Atitlan!


During this multi level Sound Healing Certification Course, you will learn the following:

  • The creation and use of the Flower of Life Unity Hologram Sphere for sound healing and in daily life.

  • Activate the Thirteen Phase Unity Merkaba and significantly open the central channel to support higher levels of energy that will be flowing through your energetic body during Holographic Sound Healing sessions.

  • Healing the body with Sound and State of the Art Body Rejuvenation + Healing techniques to create a positive effect on the spirit and dramatically heal your physical and emotional bodies.

  • Learn to accelerate vibrational levels of consciousness using Holographic Sound.

  • How to use voice toning effectively and the hierarchy of sound.  (Voice being at the top of that hierarchy)

  • Body rejuvenation through Life Force Chakra Breath and the Pranic Body

  • Multidimensional Clearing with Sound and Color

  • Past Life Mastery Retrieval, Clearing Healing and Soul Retrieval

  • Healing the Body through the Chakras with Sound

  • And much more….

Sound is the ultimate love making of Shiva and Shakti, of consciousness and energy… 

Just contemplate for a moment what it means to sing.  A feeling wells up in your heart from deep within your awareness, your cells fill with the energy of it, and with your throat chakra you translate this energy into form through vibration.  This is pure consciousness dancing through your instrument into form.  Every time you sing, every time you even speak, this is primordial forces making love and giving birth.  Source coming forth through you as sound.

There are a great many spiritual teachers who speak about the levels of consciousness as “octaves” which is a musical term defined as “a series of eight notes occupying the interval between (and including) two notes, one having twice, or half, the frequency of vibration of the other.  


Ascending in consciousness is equal to ascending in vibration, and vibration and sound are inseparable, as are flame and heat.  One produces the other.

In this retreat we will be bringing down teachings from the Angelic realms in the form of transmissions through sound.  These teachings are not only from Arch Angels and Ascended Masters, but also from a race of beings known as the Hathors who bring the experience of unfathomable heart opening and unconditional love through their gifts of sound healing. 

Holographic Sound Healing is powerful course in its own right.  In combination with three Ayahuasca ceremonies, however, the angelic beings and the techniques and teachings they bring us through the Holographic Sound Healing transmissions have the potential to have a potency and experiential quality beyond what the mind can conceive.


Sound Healing Certification & The Sound of Source Ceremonial Retreat Details 


  • Shared Room/Dormitory – $1,850.00

  • Private Casita w/Two Beds (Double Occupancy Only) – $1,925.00

  • Private Casita- 2 People (1 Queen Bed) – $1,925.00

  • Private Casita- One Person – $2,025.00

  • Private Queen Bed Room w/Half Bath 2 People – $2,075.00

  • Private Queen Bed Room 1/2 Bath 1 Person – $2,175.00

Date:  TBA (Saturday - Saturday)

Location: San Marcos, Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Payment: Online Credit/Debit, Check, Mail, Money order accepted: 

Address: Paul Hubbert, 11100 Blackmoor Dr, Suite A, Austin, TX 78759.

*A 3% overseas processing  fee may be charged for debit/credit cards

Airfare Info:

Other questions? Contact Paul Hubbert, 512-659-0069



Guided by Spirit, Your Retreat Leaders are:

Dr. Paul Hubbert, Ph.D.

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DS-Me on Moses Mtn-Good.JPG

Sound Master, leading
journeys to Egypt for 20+
years. Master Teacher of Egyptian, Atlantean, Lemurian & New World Mystery School Practices.

Zach and Jess Poitra

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Other Important Information 

Required Information: 
A photo/scan of your passport information page and signed copy of PDF. Email or hard copy will be accepted. *Be sure your passport is current - must have at least 6 months available.

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