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Holographic Sound Healing

Level 1, 2, 3 

The purpose of this multi-level certification program, led by Dr. Paul Hubbert, Ph.D, is to accelerate levels of consciousness through holographic sound. Learn state-of-the-art sound healing techniques and create a positive effect on the physical body and spirit - dramatically enhance your healing. 

Gain an understanding of the ancient science of

“Holographic Sound Healing.

-Heal your own body using holographic sound. 

-Gain internal wisdom previously held only in the subconscious mind. 

-Experience higher realms of conscious connection to your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. 

-Align and activate the higher vibrational energy centers (chakras) for expansion and ascension.

-Sound healing techniques that will revolutionize your healing practice and amplify any modalities you currently use.


   Workshop List 


The Light Body Vehicle of the Masters -

1 Day Workshop

Allow "The Law of Attraction" to work effectively In Your Life!
Anchor the "13-Phase Unity Chakra System"
Activate the "13- Phase Unity Merkaba Light Body"
Experiencing the Healing Power of Holographic Sound!



A 2 Day Experience 

Improve your life's direction. Overcome and let go of sadness, grief, and regret. Enhance your quality of life. Release limiting patterns. Experience life like never before. Increase Your Ability to Consciously Create Your Desires!. Experience a Renewed Sense of Peace and Well-being.

Creating Crystal Power Grids

Empowered Geometry of Crystals

This is a one & a half day workshop working with various types of crystals and other stones. Learn the powerful activation techniques to increase your crystals energy healing power up to 20 + times! 

Egyptian Alchemy High Heart Consciousness Activation

"A Gift from the Hathors, Masters of Sound and Love" 

Alchemy: a mystical science that seeks to penetrate the most intimate secrets of nature, in order to perfect both humankind and matter

You will Experience:

A higher conscious connection with your higher self and guides. A greater Knowing of unconditional love, compassion and peace in daily life. Move to a new level of enlightenment through conscious expanded awareness. An awareness of your life purpose this moment and an understanding of why you are here. Open up your abilities for accelerated self-healing. 

Sound Healing and the Mastery of Crystal Singing Bowls

(An experiential workshop)

In this one day experiential course you will gain greater mastery over crystal bowls. Experience "Sound Healing Activations and Attunements", plus a heightened awareness of the inner-working and inter-weaving energies of Crystal and Tibetan bowls! 

Holographic Sound

 Meditation Experience

A 1 hr Healing Experience Using the Power of Sound

This unique meditation and healing experience uses the power of holographic sound vibration,voice toning and crystal bowls to help us open to the Truth within each of us.This meditation brings us into alignment with the true essence of who we are. You will experience peace and a renewed sense of emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

The Ghandarva Ceremony of Peace Concert

Experience a beautify unity of all spiritual traditions.

In this ceremony, Paul Hubbert chants the names of the Archangels, mystics, saints and master's of the world’s religions. As the Beings energetically enter the room in response to the calling of their names, participants experience their presence directly. Paul also leads the group in Harmonic Choir giving those present the opportunity to unconditionally express love and gratitude to the Celestial Ones and while singing praise to God in all Its aspects.

Life Enrichment Mini Workshop

An Experiential Introduction to

Balancing, Healing and Co-creating with Sound

Co-creating with the assistance of Holographic Sound in this mini workshop, Paul Hubbert invites you to open to your true essence. Experience a renewed sense of peace and well-being, and begin this empowering process of change and conscious manifesting.  Give yourself the opportunity to experience your life like never before!


Healing Tones of Holographic Sound

Learn techniques in Sound Healing working with the Hathor Energy of Sound & Love.

In this one-day workshop, you will learn Holographic Sound healing techniques and experience unique meditation techniques using the Hathor Energy of Spirit. This will foster your physical, emotional, mental and energetic healing to cultivate a renewed sense of peace and well-being!

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