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10 Reasons to Become Certified in Holographic Sound Healing!

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Holographic Sound Healing Training
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1. Learn to heal your own body using holographic sound.

2. Access your own personal techniques of mastery to gain internal wisdom previously held only in the subconscious mind.

3. Experience higher realms of conscious connection to your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

4. Align and activate the higher vibrational energy centers (chakras) for expansion and ascension.

5. Learn the "Mudra of Divine Creation" for balancing, birthing new energies, and creating and manifesting in your life.

6. State-of-the art sound healing techniques that will revolutionize your healing practice and amplify any modalities you currently use.

7. Enhance your vocal abilities through toning while learning new and beautiful ways to connect with Spirit through your voice.

8. Experience the sublime power and uses of "Silent Toning."

9. Energize and rejuvena

te through Life Force Chakra Breathing and activate your internal Fountain of Youth.

10. Heighten your ability to connect to Spirit in all its multi-dimensional aspects through the Merkaba Light Body Activation, the chosen Light Body Vehicle of the Masters.


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