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A List of Healing Intentions to Use During Your Meditations.

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Every 2nd and 4th Monday I offer a free 1 hour long meditation At Unity Church in Austin, TX. I begin the meditation by asking the class to write down an intention. Below are a list of healing intentions you can focus your mind on as we consciously create together. Hope to see you there!

  • I am open as I journey upon the sound current.

  • I am moving my intentions into Higher Consciousness.

  • I am clear and focused in setting forth my new or renewed intentions.

  • I am seeing my dreams as reality and they are become so.

  • Love, Joy, Happiness and Good Health are mine for the taking!

  • I claim the Knowing, the Master that I am!

  • As I imagine it becomes so.

  • I am creating with love.

  • I am embracing changes as they create portals - the doorways leading to new beginnings, new realities.

  • I am here now and take the leap into new realities - the higher vibrational dimension.

  • Divine Essence and Spirit shine through me creating a new reality!

  • I am always practicing acceptance.

  • I am always practicing forgiveness.

  • I am seeking Gratitude everywhere and practicing unconditional love - love without attachment!

  • I am open to the energy of creation within and journeying into Higher Consciousness.

"I am listening to the teachings of Atlantean, Egyptian & New World Mystery School while using Holographic Sound to connect with the Archangels, Hathors, Masters of Sound & Love."

Many Blessings,



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