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How to Prepare for your Trip to Egypt.

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Here are some FAQ's to help prepare for your upcoming overseas trip to Egypt.

1. When should we exchange money?

I would suggest exchanging only a small amount upon traveling, like $50. Wait until you're in Egyptand at the hotel to exchange any more, the rates are usually better after you arrive in Egypt. Cash is the best mode of currency, credit cards are ok for larger purchases and any hotel bill you might have for food, drinks etc.  Travelers checks oar ok but can be a hassle. All the hotels have banks in them and there are banks in the towns we will be in. This is not a problem. The hotels also have safes in every room and they have a main safe in their office.

2. Would you recommend a money belt?

I wear a money belt but mainly for traveling, I suppose I might wear one in some certain shopping experiences. But being a guy I wear jeans and carry a wallet, so I will usually carry money in my wallet or pockets. As a woman you may have your purse but you'd want to keep it closely connected to you as if you were in New York city or somewhere of the sort. They're not particularly thieves but whenever you have a marketplace that potential exists. A money belt could be a good option. To me beats carrying a purse.    

3. Do women really need to wear loose fitting pants/clothes or can we wear jeans?  

Jeans are perfectly fine.

4. Is it worthwhile to bring an ipad to send the occasional email home? Or do you think it'd be too hard to get internet & risk of getting it stolen?

I will bring my phone for airport communication before leaving the states and returning and have been researching a tablet or Ipad just today to take with me for some email communication. I try and keep the communication to a minimum though, next to none for me. There is wifi available in the hotels for a small cost (and sometimes it works for free) also they have business conference centers w/computer time available for rent. There are also some internet cafe's. As far as an Ipad or tablet I would keep it in the room safe when not with me.    

5. Do we need to bring power adapters/converters or will the hotels we stay in have them?

You can bring an adapter, never hurts. I bring one just in case but rarely ever use it, hotels usually have both currents.  

6. Do you know if the hotels have hair dryers or is that something we need to bring?   

The hotels do have hair dryers and I believe the boat does also.  

7. Temperature

The temperature is about 75-85 degrees. It will be sunny during the days and very pleasant and sometimes cooler in the evenings. 

8. What to bring:

It will be pleasant during the day 80-95 degrees, slightly cooler in the evenings, wear comfortable cloths, long pants, shorts (suggested longer shorts for women), short/long sleeve shirts, T-shirts, dresses, sneakers, sandals (although closed toed shoes are recommended for temple trekking), a very light jacket or sweater for evenings.

Suggested for women, no strapless tops and not overly revealing tops (if strapless, something light to wear over).  Bring a swim suit, there's a pool/hot tub on the ship and at the hotels. Everything is casual. There's possibly an evening where you might want to dress up a little more, like our completion dinner/party, but it's still casual. Be comfortable.

Bring a backpack or something light to carry water and other small stuff in, nothing big. Drink lots of water. Lack of water is usually why people get sick, depleted potassium. Bring sun block, sunglasses and a hat/baseball cap if you like. Cameras welcomed in most places we'll visit. Only drink bottled water in Egypt, no tap water and don't eat the lettuce (except at the major hotels and ship is ok). Everything else is fine. The food is great and plenty of it. I suggest, if you don't already, to begin taking acidophilus tablets or liquid at least 2 weeks before we go and while we're there. This replenishes the digestive system with all that good stuff to help us digest and transmute any bad stuff (always a good thing to do wherever you're traveling).

When you arrive in Cairo: Look for the Quest Travel sign and guide. They should be easily spotable. The representative from Quest Travel will meet you at the airport, assist you with your visa (visa is $25 at the airport) and through customs and transport you to the hotel.


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