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Increase the Power of Your Crystal's Healing Energy up to 50 times!

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Create your High Vibrational Sound Infused Crystal Geometric Grid - Register Below!

Presented By Dr. Paul Hubbert, Ph.D, Multidimensional Sound Master and Crystal Gridworker. This is a one & a half day workshop working with various types of crystals and stones. You will learn powerful activation techniques - increasing the crystal's healing energy by 25 times its original power!

Most Materials and stones will be provided. Learn to build your own Sacred Geometric Power Grids and to dowse their energies!

In this workshop you will learn:

To pick the appropriate stones for specific energetic applications

To design crystals/stones in specific Sacred Geometric forms for activation

A specific method of Activating the Crystals, creating Crystal Power Grids

Dowsing the energy of your grids, establishing distance and strength of coverage

Specific uses and applications for your Crystal Power Grids

Techniques to energize and balance chakras

To raise the energy/energize and activate body, rooms, homes, land, buildings

To build clearing and protection grids around land, in homes, etc.


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