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Testimonial Tuesday on Holographic Sound Healing Workshop

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Holographic Sound Healing Testimony

"I loved everything. I felt the vibrations going up so high. It was euphoric. When I got home several family members said I looked different, lighter, happier. I went to work (at a grocery store) the day after the workshop and the minute I walked in a customer said "Oh my God, what have you been doing? You are glowing, there is a light around you!"

I do feel different and yes, lighter. <3

I have been playing the Merkaba activation CD every night before bed. I have noticed I do not crave TV or computer games now and my electronics are working funny when I touch them. The 2 days after I got home I had a real hard time getting my phone to work right. Every time I touched it my hand began to vibrate.

I can feel a real shift. Thank you Paul, for everything. I am looking forward to future classes.


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