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Depending on the nature of services requested, Dr. Paul Hubbert, Ph.D. uses a combination of spiritually inspired techniques including sound vibration in its multi-dimensional, holographic form, traditional and intuitive counseling techniques, and hypnotherapy to assist individuals, couples and families to:


  • Overcome physical hindrance

  • Resolve grief due to all types of loss

  • Recover from painful addictions

  • Address spiritual needs and challenges

  • Investigate and attend to life issues


Paul holds a Ph.D. in psychology, Masters in Business and Religion and is certified in Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Grief Recovery, and has extensive experience and training in Addictions Treatment & Recovery. He is also a Sound Master, Reiki Master, and intuitive counselor who works with the Power of Sound in its multi-dimensional, holographic form using vocal toning and crystal bowls.


*Private local or long-distance/ remote healing sessions are available.


Private Healing Services Listed Below 


Thank you for your interest our services. 


Please fill out the "REQUEST A SESSION" form below to request an appointment with Dr. Paul Hubbert. 


If you are unsure of what Session would be a good fit for your needs, you can mention that on the form.  We will be happy to speak further with you and make suggestions.  Simply provide the information that you think will help us provide the best services for you.  

Looking forward to starting this healing journey with you! 


(Any Session going beyond 1hr 15min will be prorated.)

*Please note:  All services are offered remotely.


   Book a Remote Healing Session w/ Dr. Paul Hubbert

with Dr. Paul Hubbert, Ph.D.

Clear physical and emotional illness and ailments with the creative vibration of Spirit; release behavioral patterning and thinking that manifest disease

Holographic Sound Therapy/Healing

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Resolve grief and loss due to loss of a loved one and/or change from any and all sources. Whenever there is change, there is grief.


Paul's work with sound vibration is awesome. His toning and crystal bowl music sends you right into spirit - healing tones that delight the body and soul." 

~ Marcia Dale Lopez, Ph.D., New York

" I have to thank you once again for the spiritual energy healing sessions you have done with me. Last month when two different mammograms showed several lumps in my left breast, I was disturbed, but not distraught, as I had every confidence that you would be able to help.

Six days after you did my healing session I went for the scheduled ultra-sound so the radiologist could determine exactly what type of lumps I had and make his recommendations for treatment. Imagine his amazement and my delight as he searched and searched for the lumps and couldn't find any. He called in a second technician and still no luck. He stood with the mammogram x-ray in one hand showing lumps, and the ultra sound wand in the other, showing no lumps. As the ultra sound is far more sensitive than the x-ray, he knew they were gone.


He just shook his head. He said if it had only been 1 lump he could understand it might have disappeared, but not 3 or 4. He said, "Have you taken some new miracle drug or cure?" I smiled and said "no drugs!"


Thank you so much for dedicating your life to benefit us through your teaching and healing." - Leslie, Canada

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