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Sound Healing and Mastering the Crystal Singing Bowls
An Experiential 1 Day Workshop

Experience and Learn Primary Healing Techniques Using the Power of Sound. 


With this one day experiential course you will

- Gain greater Mastery over the Crystal Bowls

- Experience Sound Healing Activations and Attunements,

- Heightened awareness of the inner workings and interweaving

  energies of Crystal Bowls and Tibetan Bowls.

Through this extraordinary process, you will experience

healing and balancing of your physical, emotional, mental

and energetic bodies in varying degrees based on your greater

knowing and guidance of your higher self.

The workshop will also teach you: 

*  Stewarding your Crystal Bowls, being a Keeper of the Bowls  

*  Choosing the Bowl or Bowls that are Right for You 

*  Sound Healing Applications & Techniques in Playing the Crystal Bowls  

*  Creating Sacred Sounds for Healing, Relaxation and Meditation

*  The Bowls and how they correspond to each of the body’s Chakras  

*  Chakra accelerations and personal healing experiences 

*  Experience healing frequencies  

*  Consciousness Expansion/ Ascension and Activations




"Paul's work with sound vibration is awesome. His toning and crystal bowl music sends you right into spirit - healing tones that delight the body and soul." 

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