"Dearest Paul, Words cannot express the thanks in my heart for this work. The healing and creative potential available through the use of the Holographic Sound Healing (H. S. H.), modality is limitless. It was also a 'fun' workshop, as The Hathors bring such joyfulness and play to the table. Since the workshop, I was asked if I was an angel, have had greater depth to many conversations and find H. S. H. provides a lovely outlet for my care and compassion. Thank you for having the courage and trust to offer this beautiful healing technique to others.
Peace and Blessings Always,"


Connecticut, USA

"I found the meditation last night to be super healing. I can't even to describe all of the different layers but I will say that I felt Hathors. Thank you for your work and the great journey and experience we all get to share through your sound therapy. We are so lucky to have you here in Austin!"

Barbi C.

Austin, TX - US

Paul Hubbert's Holographic Sound Healing Class was such a positive learning and re-enforcing experience for me. I learned new techniques that are advancing my healing abilities. I learned the technical terms for sounds I was already experiencing. The class materials and exercises gave me the courage to explore and utilize sound healing techniques both in meditation groups and with clients immediately after completion of class. Paul's gentle nature and sense of humor created a climate that was safe to learn and experiment in. I highly recommend this class for anyone seeking to learn more about sound healing and the Hathors. (I am a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, as well as a Level II Melchizedek Method practitioner/teacher.)"
Blessings, Peace, and Love,"

~ Edie J

Connecticut, USA

""After trying many therapeutic modalities to treat long-standing, childhood grief, I was intensely moved and impressed with the results of taking the Life Enrichment Training. Despite years of traditional talk therapy, hypnotherapy and energetic massage, I was skeptical about trying one more thing. However, as a direct result of taking Paul's workshop, I've moved through and finally transcended some tough childhood issues. I'm truly grateful for the work that you do. 
Thanks for helping me make the changes!"

Mari A.

Texas, US

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