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Healing Tones of Holographic Sound


Learn techniques in Sound Healing working with the Hathor Energy of Sound & Love

In this one-day workshop, led by Paul Hubbert, you learn Holographic Sound healing techniques and also experience unique meditation techniques using the Hathor Energy of Spirit - all of which foster your physical, emotional, mental and energetic healing and cultivate a renewed sense of peace and well-being.

Specifically, you will learn techniques in and experience:


  • Complete chakra clearing and balancing working with the Archangelic realms

  • Holographic sound healings on original thought forms and on all levels of being

  • Multi-dimensional clearing using Sound & Color with the Violet Flame of St. Germain

  • “Mudra of Divine Creation” for creating/ manifesting new states of being and balance

  • Holographic energy field activation for healing, protection and transformation



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"For over 20 years I have suffered frequent pains from the liver as a result of damage to this vital organ. At a weekend workshop facilitated by Paul Hubbert, using crystal bowls and other sounds, I became willing to release this history. On a following day I received a personal healing from Paul and have never been bothered by pain since. Paul, with humility and love, is able to bring his client into a state of "Grace" during a healing session. A year has gone by and I am so grateful to be still free of pain. God Bless you, Paul" - Ashleigh R, Canada

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