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Life Enrichment Mini Workshop


An Experiential Introduction to Balancing, Healing and Co-creating with Sound


95% of what you manifest in your life today originates from your unconscious, where the patterning you’ve learned dictates your thoughts, emotions and actions. Most of this patterning is rooted in childhood, family ancestry, and some from later in life. Much of what you’ve learned may work. Some of it however, is outdated and does not serve your highest good. In this 3-hour mini workshop, this is the type of patterning we want to shift and change so we can better manifest our conscious desires and attract what we want in life.


Co-creating with the assistance of Holographic Sound in this mini workshop, Paul Hubbert invites you to open to your true essence, experience a renewed sense of peace and well-being, and begin this empowering process of change and conscious manifesting giving you the opportunity to experience your life like never before!

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"After trying many therapeutic modalities to treat long-standing, childhood grief, I was intensely moved and impressed with the results of taking the Life Enrichment Training. Despite years of traditional talk therapy, hypnotherapy and energetic massage, I was skeptical about trying one more thing. However, as a direct result of taking Paul's workshop, I've moved through and finally transcended some tough childhood issues. I'm truly grateful for the work that you do. Thanks for helping me make the changes!"

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