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Chakra Sets & Frequency of Divine Creation (FDC) Sets

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Frequency of Divine Creation Crystal Bowl Set

The Frequency of Divine Creation Crystal Bowl Set provides a harmonic frequency for the opening and activation of higher levels of consciousness, which can be established using the vibration of the notes or chords F, D and C.


These frequency vibrations correspond to the God Self/Source and Heart Chakra, the Christ Conscious and Naval Chakra, and the Higher Self and Root Chakra, creating an all-encompassing Universal Frequency Vibration (also referred to as a Unity Vibe).


This level of frequency activation is attained by either sounding the notes F, D and C or by simply stating your intention to activate it using the Frequency of Divine Creation (F, D, C). In doing so, the frequency is manifest and set.

The Frequency of Divine Creation is the harmonic frequency used to activate the Thirteen Phase Unity Hologram and Unity Merkaba.

As we move deeper in working with Sound Vibration, which is the Vibration of Creation, we are guided by the God Self/Source to shift to a new frequency or a new perspective of frequency, adding the tonal vibration encompassing creation.

The Frequency of Divine Creation (F, D, C) embodies the creator vibration of the Divine Mother, and the unconditionally loving vibration of Christ Consciousness, in unison. This removes any sense of separation from the third dimension to other dimensions. All veils are transcended. We expand beyond the bonds of linear consciousness into the flowing consciousness of loving creation.

How to Use the Frequency of Divine Creation Crystal Bowl Set 

To create the Divine Frequency response, play the crystal bowls individually one after the other, beginning with the F then proceeding to the D then C. If all three are being played continually at the same time, ensure there is reasonable distance (3 to 5 feet) between each bowl. When all bowls are played together, this distance creates a greater harmonic resonance allowing the sound to blend and weave. If the bowls are played too close together, you may get a disharmonious sound.

Frequency of Divine Creation Set Includes: Original Frosted bowl notes : F (Heart Chakra), D (Naval/Sacral Chakra) & C (Root Chakra), sizes 8/9/10", 9/10/11, 10/11/12" Harmonically Tuned and Matched 

(Sizes can vary somewhat depending on harmonic tuning and availability)

Sound Healers Chakra Set I: 7 Harmonically Tuned Original Frosted

 (Sizes 8" - 12")


Sound Healers Chakra Set II: 7 Harmonically Tuned Original Frosted 

 (Sizes 8" - 12")

Sound Healers Chakra Set III: Original Frosted and Clear Mix 

  • 4 Frosted 9" - 12"

  • 3 Clear 6" - 8" 

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