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What is Holographic Sound?



Becoming Conscious 

After working with sound and music in varied forms for many years... in June of 1999, through spiritual guidance, Paul became consciously aware of, and began to use this Ancient/New vibrational art of Holographic Sound. This is the art of creating and using sound multi-dimensionally and is known as "Holographic Sound." Holographic Sound is an expansion of sound or music vibration into its sacred geometric, multidimensional and infinite form, bringing the sound to its true and natural state of being. This process creates an exponential energy or vibration beyond third dimensional understanding.


Understanding Sound

Sound is Holographic in nature but for the past several thousand years has only been used in linear form because of our inability to hold and work with its higher vibrational state. Simplistically, you may compare sound as we've known and experienced it through these thousands of years, to a flat two dimensional photo. Whereas in simple terms, holographic sound is like looking at a three dimensional vision with great depth, vast intricacies and magnificent colors.


Through our evolving consciousness expansion, and/or ascension work, we are again able to hold this higher vibration. Therefore, these specific spiritually inspired techniques utilizing Holographic Sound have been made available to us once again.    

In the biblical writings of creation, First was the Word (sound vibration), And from the Word All Things were created (sound vibration moving into physical manifestation). All things are created from sound vibration. There is a phrase in the Vedas, an ancient text found in India, which is, Nada Bramin, meaning The World is Sound. There is nothing in existence that was not created from and with sound vibration. Sound is the seeded vibration of creation.

Healing with Sound

We create through and with vibration. When there is vibration there is sound. When there is sound there is vibration. The human body resonates to vibration, to various tones. Each part of the body has a specific tone or set of tones that it resonates to. Certain tones represent perfect health or balance. When our body is in dis-ease, we are literally out of tune or vibrating off key. Disharmony can manifest mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Through the use of sound healing and/or balancing, we can shift the vibration of the diseased or disharmonious area to bring it back into harmony, essentially to heal or balance it. There is nothing magic about this, it's no different than having a car with water in the gas - it will run badly, if at all. When you change the energy source, shift its vibration, to clean premium fuel, it will then begin to run at an optimum performance level. Of course with the car you may also need to do a little cleaning or clearing out, just as you do with the human body and emotions.

Sound is extremely powerful. Sound through music can change your emotional state. Have you ever listened to a song and felt sadness or longing? Perhaps you've gone back in time to a specific memory, or been uplifted and found yourself feeling excited and energized.


 Sound can clear, heal, balance, create and recreate, when properly directed to do so.


Holographic Sound

Again, the true nature of sound is holographic. Although, we've not been using it in its empowered holographic form, still you can see the intense power that sound has. Just imagine if we were to use it to its full potential... Let's go back to the car example. We have a car with a supercharged engine but no one ever told us how to turn on the supercharger. To consciously activate the holographic energy of sound, is to turn on the energy of the supercharger. By doing this, we multiply the energetic power of the sound vibration a 100 times or more.

This energy was used on Lemuria, Atlantis and early Egypt, then taken underground for thousands of years ...

only now to resurface.


We are now able to properly, with highest intent, direct the immensity of this energy for the healing, re-balancing and unifying of our race and our earth. The keys to the use of this supercharged Holographic Sound are again here on earth and accessible to us. There are specific techniques and formulas necessary to activate this Holographic Sound Energy. This teaching is now available to those who are called from the heart to work with the expansiveness of Holographic Sound.

We look forward to meeting the many of you who choose to walk the path of Holographic Sound Healing, Balancing and Creating!

Benefits of Holographic Sound Healing



  • Improve your sleep - experience vivid dreams. 

  • Increase vital energy flow, creativity, intuition and motivation.

  • Create positive changes to your whole being. 

  • Soothe, purify and harmonize your emotions and feelings.

  • Stimulate body circulation.

  • Regulate hormonal functioning. 

  • Strengthen immune System. 

  • Empowered and transformative healing experiences in working with others.

  • Positively influence your emotional and physical body. 

  • Clear emotional imbalances & blockages. 

  • Balance both hemispheres of the brain. 

  • Cleanse negative energy, toxins and emotions.

  • Connect to your higher self. 

  • Experience a deep relaxation and reduce stress. 

  • Increase self-healing, recover from illness, trauma, and medical treatments faster. 

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