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  Transformational Journeys & Retreats

   EGYPT 2021

AWESOME SPECIAL!  International Egyptian Cost Reduction of $300 for all pricing!

Just one of the beautiful locations we will be staying at during our

AWESOME SPECIAL!  International Egyptian Cost Reduction of $300 for all pricing!



"This trip far exceeded my expectations in understanding the history and beauty of the temples and pyramids, the people, the geography along the Nile River, etc. The Egyptian team made us feel welcomed like friends and family and took exceptional care of us. Also the group was full of exceptional and upbeat lightworkers who came together with ease making it great fun! An overall great experience of Egypt."

Patti Bell - Egypt 2019

"Going to Egypt was amazing. The up close and personal experiences exploring and meditating in the incredible temples and pyramids reconnected me to a deeper level of awareness and evolvement. I enjoyed sharing this experience with many new friends from all over the country. Would highly recommend this group adventure."

Egypt 2019

"Two thumbs up - I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Paul Hubbert who organized our trip to Egypt. We saw more and were able to go much deeper than mere sightseeing. It was a spiritual journey and cathartic for many of us. The logistics and coordination was seamless and I always felt safe. It was readily apparent that the the tour company was seasoned, professional and knew the ropes when it came to getting us special access. Accommodations and transportation were great. "

Clay Boykin - Egypt 2019

"This was indeed a life changing trip . I never expected the spiritual energy to be so high!!! After traveling to India several times this was definitely a highlight. The absoluteness of the ancient culture was mind blowing. I had a transformation there for sure to a deeper state. I felt Welcomed by Her on a cosmic level. The group energy was also very sweet. People seemed to get along well and took care of each other. It takes a village..."

Egypt 2019

"I attended the 2019 Journey Into Light with Paul and Josh and my life will not be the same since this incredible experience has passed through my soul on all levels. It is not something just of the mind or the physical self, it traverses all dimensions and alters the self within that spectrum, returning it to the eternal. It is not an easy place to travel, in Egypt. The reality of the climate and economy is something which needs the buffer of a strong group. Paul and his contacts provide above average care and accommodations to assure the most graceful experience comes to pass. This tour really is above and beyond. With gratitude always."

Egypt 2019

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