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How to Learn the Most Advanced Unity Merkaba Light Body Activation.

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Dr. Paul Hubbert's powerful 1-Day seminar/workshop will provide you with the following tools and information related to activating your Merkaba Light Body.

  • Creating a fertile ground for manifesting and increasing wealth, good health, prosperity, peace, abundance, balance and harmony.

  • Actualization of heart-felt desires through conscious intent and manifesting.

  • The 30 second action that will significantly raise your vibration from day one.

  • A technique used to immediately reduce stress.  Some people instantly go into theta mode. 

  • This same technique enhances the presence of the Divine Mother vibration and sets the tone for creative thought and energy.

  • Experience personal Holographic Sound Healings: physical, emotional, energetic, mental and original thought forms; co-facilitated with the Hathors, Masters of Sound and Love.  

  • Heightened ability to connect to Spirit in all its multi-dimensional aspects.  

  • Anchoring and Encoding the “13 Phase Unity Chakra System”, the system of “One”, utilizing the new higher vibrational Chakra colors.

  • Understanding of worldly duality and transcendence into Unity consciousness.

  • Sacred Mystery School Teachings from Ancient Egypt, Atlantean and Lemurian times.

  • The secret to increasing your awareness and intuitive abilities.

  • Learn the Frequency of Divine Creation.

  • The One Sacred Symbol which contains all sacred geometrical shapes.

  • Activate the 13 Phase “Unity Merkaba” Light Body Vehicle.  This is your higher dimensional body as spoken of in the Bible and other Sacred texts.  This Sacred Energy field is available to all when properly and effectively activated.

  • Deepened connection with Christ consciousness embraced in unconditional love

  • Enhanced ability to share and express love and compassion for yourself & others.

  • Increased consciousness for physical, emotional, mental and energetic healing.

  • Learn how the Merkaba may be used for healing, vibrational shifts or transformation (physical, emotional, mental, energetic), clearing of all types, enlightenment, shifting consciousness, interdimensional travel, bi-location, teleportation, time travel, ascension and more.

  • Learn a method of protection and raising the vibration of a group or other individuals through unconditional love.

  • And More…


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