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How to Set the Best Intention for Your Soul Purpose.

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Tap in and listen to your highest self during a Holographic Sound Healing Meditation.

A Unique Healing Experience Using the Power of Sound

This unique meditation and healing experience,

led by Paul Hubbert, uses the power of holographic

sound vibration created from a combination of voice toning

and crystal bowls to help us open to the Truth within each of us.

First was the "Word" (sound vibration), from the "Word" all things were created (sound into physical manifested form) Using crystal bowls & vocal harmonics, the energy is set for a powerful healing, meditative presence & experience.

When in alignment with the true essence of

who we are, - we experience peace and a renewed sense

of emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


Manifesting prosperity, love, joy, happiness, peace, creativity, in your life

* Shifting physical ailments and illness

* Re-patterning emotional belief processes not serving your highest good

* Relieving and shifting otherwise stressful times

* Heightening your spiritual experience and levels reached in meditation


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